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BeWeee is mapping e-waste streams

An important step towards achieving that 65% is to accurately map e-waste streams in every phase. That is why there is a reporting obligation for all actors in the e-waste chain. In order to make sure that everyone can comply with his reporting obligation in a uniform and clear way, the founders have joined forces and created the non-profit organisation BeWeee.

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Unity makes strength

The BeWeee tool registers the quantity of WEEE that is placed on the market, the quantity that is collected, the quantity that is processed and what their destination is. In order to achieve the European objective together, it is of crucial importance that all persons that are subject to the reporting obligation undertake to correctly report (W)EEE. The regional authorities can detect and sanction actors that are not playing by the rules more rapidly.

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Who is who

BeWeee was established in 2018 by producers, distributors, collectors, re-use centres and management bodies. It ensures a correct representation of all actors that are obliged to report. The founders are Coberec, Recupel, F.E.E., Agoria, Fedagrim, Imcobel, PV Cycle Belgium and Nelectra.

Every founder is represented in the board of directors of BeWeee vzw by one representative. Furthermore BeWeee closely cooperates with the three regional authorities. They participate in the board of directors as observers.

Ivan De Neve is the general manager, responsible for daily operations and activities.

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