Confidentiality Clause BeWeee vzw

BeWeee vzw, as well as its employees and third parties appointed by BeWee vzw, undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality with regard to all financial, commercial or any other confidential information communicated to BeWeee.

Is considered to be “confidential information”: any data relating to the actors reporting to BeWeee vzw, in any form whatsoever (verbally, in writing, graphically, electronically, …) and to the operation of BeWeee vzw in the broad sense.

BeWeee vzw is authorized to draw up a list specifying the names of the actors reporting to BeWeee. This list can be used, as a whole or part thereof, by BeWeee in its own publications and/or communications and can be transmitted to the authorities competent for the WEEE take-back obligation. Except for the names of the persons who are subject to the reporting obligation, BeWeee vzw shall not be authorized to use any trademarks, logos or other identification elements of the persons subject to the reporting obligation, such as for information purposes, unless it has received a written consent specifying the conditions of use.

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