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Results 2018

With respect to the year 2018 in total 138,213 tonnes of WEEE were reported. These figures include the reported figures from Recupel.

If we consider what was reported directly (excluding Recupel) in the BeWeee tool, the result would be 20,835 tonnes. So the activities of BeWeee vzw generate about 20,000 tonnes of waste.

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Evolution 2017 – 2018: three times more

6,662 tonnes were reported directly in the tool over 2017*. One year later the figure is increased up to 20,835 tonnes. So over the year 2018 three times more reporting was realized than over the year 2017. This evolution clearly shows that BeWeee is starting to produce its effects.

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Shall we achieve the 65%?

For the time being, not yet. There is still a long way to go, if we want to achieve the 65% collection objective.

Together we can achieve the 65% objective if about 85,000 tonnes ** are directly reported in the tool. To avoid any misunderstandings: this is without taking into account the reporting figures from Recupel.

It is not hard to figure this one out: at the moment we achieve a result of about 20,000 tonnes of direct reporting in the tool. Therefore, in the years to come 65,000 additional tonnes will have to be reported.

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Is this realistic?

It sure is! Although 65,000 tonnes seems like a huge quantity, it is possible if all actors comply with their respective obligation. Unfortunately we notice that last year only 25% of the persons subject to the reporting obligation have actually reported their figures over 2018. This is regrettable because we can only achieve the European objective together, if everyone undertakes to make an effort.

We thank everyone who has reported correctly last year and hope that the rest will follow your good example for the 2020 reporting.

* Prior to 2018 reporting was partly realized through OVAM.

** Based on the current figures of electrical and electronic equipment that was placed on the market. This may change in the future.

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