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The added value of BeWeee

When we add the 40,000 tonnes of BeWeee up to the quantity of WEEE that was reported with Recupel and PV Cycle Belgium …

… the overall result is a total of 169,028 tonnes for the whole of Belgium.

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BeWeee is booming

In 2017 a quantity of 6,662 tonnes was reported using the declaration tool. Four years later, this has been multiplied with 6 and up to 40,000 tonnes.

Remarkable, BeWeee continues to score well for reporting professional WEEE. 22,981 tonnes were reported in 2021. That is almost 6,000 tonnes more than in 2020.

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Blinded by the sun

Our country does not comply with the 65% collection objective (OOM/POM) just yet. With respect to 2021 we achieve 51.5%. Or 57.4% without photovoltaic panels.

They have only recently been included in the calculations and so they distort the results. Photovoltaic panels are relatively new on the market and not many of them have already reached the end-of-life status.

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Higher quantities on the market

Due to digitisation the quantity of electronic equipment that is being placed on the market is increasing year after year. This means that also the collection numbers must increase if we want to remain on track for the 65% objective.

The fact that more and more companies are reporting through BeWeee and also more and more professional equipment is being declared, are promising signs.

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